Exploring Preservice Teacher Education That Connects Technology Use and Historical Thinking in the Social Studies Classroom: A Case Study




Crochet, Michael David

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Teachers who are beginning their career upon completion of their preservice teacher education program are expected to be able to successfully integrate technology into the classroom in ways that support the thinking skills of students while also being an expert in content knowledge and master of classroom pedagogy. This study used a new course designed to address the challenges of preservice teacher education where students learned about technology integration situated in the context of their content specialty. This study examined the impact that course completion had on participants' attitudes and beliefs and their ability to design technology-rich lessons through the use of surveys and interviews with participants as well as analysis of participants' lesson designs. Data were analyzed for emergent themes in exploratory case studies and participants' experiences were examined using a cross-case analysis. The results of the study indicated that changes could occur within the preservice teacher education model to improve future teachers' lesson design abilities and their attitudes and beliefs about technology in schools.



Teacher education, Educational technology, Social sciences education, Authentic learning, Historical thinking, Preservice social studies education, Technology attitudes and beliefs, Technology integration