A Case Study Examining the Explicit Method of Critical Thinking Instruction in a Community College English Classroom




Alwine, Stacey

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This case study explores the effects of an intervention lesson plan using the explicit method of critical thinking instruction. It has been shown that the explicit method of critical thinking instruction yields better learning results (Marin & Halpern, 2011). However, other studies have not investigated critical thinking abilities within the community college English classroom over a continuum--as a process with several products. The purpose of this study is to apply the explicit method of critical thinking instruction to my College Composition II class in hopes of improving students' critical thinking abilities and to discover what critical thinking learning looks like over a continuum. The methods for collecting data for this study will be qualitative using a case study methodology. The results of the study can be used to help other English instructors build lessons around critical thinking, specifically using the explicit method of instruction.



Community college education, Community college, Critical thinking, English, Explicit method