Day and residential schools: Program characteristics and entrance and exit policies




Gagnon, Joseph Calvin
Leone, Peter E.

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Remedial & Special Education


Limited information exists about treatment programs for children with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) in the elementary grades. This national study provides a description of first through sixth grade day treatment and residential schools for students with EBD in two areas: (a) characteristics of schools (e.g., philosophy, accreditation, length of school year); and (b) current school-level entrance and exit policies. A random sample of 480 principals from public and private day treatment and residential schools were mailed a survey. A total of 271 (56.45%) principals responded. Results indicated that schools relied on a behavioral philosophy, maintained a balance between education and therapeutic issues, and were commonly accredited by state departments of education. Additionally, few schools had specific policies related to follow-up of students after discharge. The implications of these findings are discussed.



Emotional disturbance, Program characteristics, Entrance and exit policies, Day treatment and residential


Gagnon & Leone (2005)