GEWEX Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 2




Zeng, Xubin
Myers, Dan
Attig Bahar, Faten
Gulizia, Carla
YESS Executive Committee
Rodrigues, Regina R.
Shepherd, Theodore G.
Polcher, Jan

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International GEWEX Project Office


This issue of GEWEX Quarterly contains the articles on the following: taking inspiration from Silicon Valley to reimagine funding reviews and emphasize mistakes in scientific literature; summer 2022 student and early career events from H3S; recent activities from the Young Earth System Scientists (YESS) community; the My Climate Risk (MCR) WCRP Lighthouse Activity; First LIAISE Conference to take place in spring 2023; a multi-disciplinary, iterative approach to improving estimates of precipitation (P) and evaporation (E) in river basins through water balance estimation; the 2022 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting; the new GPEX project aims to improve precipitation predictions; a new method to directly measure snow depth using lidar measurements from ICESat-2, using a scientific concept describing ant movement; the new Version 3 of the monthly and daily Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) products; a report from the 2021 GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) Meeting; and a summary of the 5th Convection-Permitting Modeling Workshop.



My Climate Risk Lighthouse Activity, Improving estimates of precipitation (P) and evaporation (E), GPEX, ICESat-2, Version 3 of GPCP, Version 3.2 Global Precipitation Climatology Project data sets, 2021 GHP Meeting, 5th Convection-Permitting Modeling Workshop, High-resolution climate modeling and hazards, Improving estimates of Precipitation and Evaporation over global river basins, H3S, YESS