War Correspondents: Ellipses From Within The Bubble




Watkins, Sean

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War Correspondents: Ellipses from Within the Bubble distills the mapping of physical and emotional paths into a physical and visual conclusion of my journey discovering memories from participants of the secret war in Laos. In my thesis, I talk about abstracting the medium and content of traditionally understood linear documentary narrative into new media content. I engage in the importance of activating the exhibition space with an asynchronous and harmonious symbiosis of form and content, each inextricable from the other, in order to successfully challenge the notion of documentary formats. I discuss my audience’s responses to my work. The process of designing, building, and the difficulties and surprises encountered along the way are described. I conclude my thesis with the importance of how the way I make things gives me different satisfactions, and how those discoveries guide me into the next project.



Military Brats, Bubble, Ellipsis, Conceptual Art, Installation, ASV