Dialogic Buddy Reading: Fidelity, Vocabulary, Sustainability




McIlwain, Mary Jane

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This dissertation employed a single subject, multi-probe design that studied the fidelity, vocabulary gains, and sustainability associated with dialogic buddy reading in a diverse, suburban elementary school. Fourteen sixth grade students were trained in dialogic reading and then paired with Head Start students. Six pairs of students were randomly selected from a pool of 14 pairs and one trio participating in 15-minute dialogic buddy reading sessions four times a week. Data collection aligned the questions of the study with the construct of fidelity and included direct observation of dialogic reading, the administration of researcher developed vocabulary probes, and interviews. Data analysis required the integration of visual analysis of empirical data and coding of qualitative data to determine causality of outcomes and the social validity of dialogic buddy reading in elementary schools. Results indicated that dialogic buddy reading was implemented with increasing fidelity, leading to vocabulary gains and sustainability.



Dialogue Reading, Vocabulary Development, Storybook Reading, Emergent Literacy