A Perspective for a New Multiple-party Logistics Model for E-commercial Logistics



Lu, Xiechun

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With the rapid development of e-commerce, the requirement for logistics becomes much stricter: the traditional third-party logistics (3PL) model cannot meet consumers’ high demand, and it also exposes some other problems. To improve logistics distribution efficiency and service quality, this study will test a new model, multiple-party logistics (MPL) model, which employed superiorities of different traditional models. The MPL model divides the whole distribution process into two phases (inter-warehouses shipping and delivering), employs different strategies to guarantee controllability for sellers and consumers during the whole process, and potentially increases profit. In this study, a comparison analysis of 3PL and MPL models is carried out in order to test the potential of the MPL model, and find out in which situation it can compete with traditional 3PL model.



Logistics model, Multiple-party logistics, Third-party logistics, Comparison analysis