The Arab League's Role in International River Water Conflicts and Cooperation, 1945-2014




Durham, Melissa Kay

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This dissertation focuses on transboundary river water disputes and collaboration in the Arab world, and the participation and roles of the League of Arab States (LAS)—more commonly referred to as the Arab League—in these interactions. Its objective is to improve our understanding of how to work with a key, but opaque regional organization (RO) to encourage cooperative approaches to managing scarce freshwater sources in one of the world's most politically-volatile and arid regions. It is the first academic paper to focus exclusively on river basins that transverse through Arab states; the first mixed-methods approach to studying transboundary river water conflicts and cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa; and the first medium sample size study of international river water disagreements and collaboration.



International relations, Middle Eastern studies, Water resources management, Arab League, Arab nationalism, Hydro-hegemony, League of Arab States, Middle Eastern water conflict, Water conflict