A Study on the Solo Piano Pieces of Jiesun Lim: Spiritual Dance (2004), Ice Flower (2006), A Poem about Spring (2008), And Fantasia on a Theme of Chopin (2009)



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Jiesun Lim is a composer who is considered to be one of the most prominent contemporary musicians in Korea. This dissertation investigates the stylistic features of Lim’s four solo piano works: Spiritual Dance, Ice Flower, A Poem about Spring, and Fantasia on a Theme of Chopin. To provide context and aid understanding of the characteristics of the composer, this dissertation provides some background on Korean musical contemporary music and discusses overall characteristics of Jiesun Lim’s major works. This will be followed by a detailed analysis of the four solo piano works. The analysis concentrates on the examination of forms, harmonies, melodies, rhythms, and keyboard usages in each of Lim’s solo piano works. By undertaking an overview of Jiesun Lim’s piano work and an in-depth analysis of her solo music, I wanted to improve my overall understanding of the composer and her musical world. In addition, I hope that follow-up research on Lim and her music will continue actively in the future, and that her works will have the opportunity to reach more performers and a wider audience.