Family Engagement Among Immigrant Parents with Young Deaf Children




Batamula, Christi

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This dissertation investigated the experiences of immigrant parents with young deaf children enrolled in bilingual early childhood education programs for the deaf. Focus was given to the parenting experiences of this population as they navigate, negotiate, and participate in different cultures including the local culture in their new host country, school culture, and deaf culture. Family engagement in immigrant parents’ deaf children’s education was examined as one aspect of parents’ experiences. Specifically, it was used as a way to understand the experiences of immigrant parents. Immigrant families from nations around the world were interviewed about their experiences parenting a young deaf child in the Unites States. The findings of this study will be used to transform family engagement among ECE programs serving immigrant families with young deaf children.



Early childhood education, Education, Deaf children, Deaf education, Early childhood education, Engagement, Family engagement, Immigrant families