Mount Vernon Digital History: An Investigation into Slave Burial Archaeology




Alexander, Ryan

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This site seeks to explore the ongoing archaeological excavation that is taking place at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. The intention of this site is to explore how archaeological techniques and investigations can help to unveil the roles and identities of enslaved individuals at Mount Vernon Estate. There will also be an investigation into the history of Mount Vernon Estate and how enslaved individuals were involved in George and Martha Washington’s lives. Finally, the maps section of this project shows comparisons between the findings at the Mount Vernon excavation against a burial site survey at George Mason’s Gunston Hall, exposing the benefits and limitations of archaeological interpretations.


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Mount Vernon (Va. : Estate), Washington, George, 1732-1799, Slavery, Archaeology, Washington, Martha, 1731-1802


Alexander, Ryan. Mount Vernon Digital History: An Investigation into Slave Burial Archaeology, accessed September 1, 2016.