How to Make Your Published Articles Open Access




Robertson, Stephen
Wieringa, Jeri
Holland, Claudia

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Regardless of what journals you publish in, you can make your articles freely available online in Mason’s institutional repository, MARS. Making publications open access in this way can raise the visibility of your research, and allow it to be shared with audiences without access to university libraries able to afford to subscribe to the journals in which you publish. In this workshop Claudia Holland (Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office, Mason Publishing Group, University Libraries) and Jeri Wieringa (Digital Publishing Production Lead, Mason Publishing Group, University Libraries) and Stephen Robertson (RRCHNM/History & Art History) will take you through the process of making your publications open access, addressing: - What versions of your articles you can make open access - When you can make your articles open access - How you deposit your open access articles in MARS, GMU’s institutional repository - What you can do with open access articles in MARS



Institutional repository, Open access, Author rights