Inertia of the Real



Bañales, Jorge E

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This thesis describes the work of Jorge E. Bañales, focusing on the conceptual basis for his MFA thesis exhibition Inertia of the Real. Installed in the Gillespie Gallery in the Arts and Design Building at George Mason University, March 26 to April 2, 2021, the exhibition is comprised of five interrelated bodies of works: Inner Loop Outer Loop, Inertia of the Real, Imaginary Symbolic Real, Inertia of the Real Video, and Useless Bodies. Using sound, music, photography, collage, mixed media, video, and writing, and via psychogeography—concentrating mostly on the site of the former Landover Mall in Maryland—the works investigate the mental and physical topography of late capitalism and how the heterotopic and hauntological abandoned suburban space—and more specifically the dilapidated structure that of the mall’s logo, now stripped of its imaginary and symbolic meaning—can activate an experience of the Real.



Heterotopia, Real, Imaginary, Symbolic, Hauntology, Psychogeography