American Adolescents’ Responses to NASA’s Climate Change Website




Roser-Renouf, Connie
Myers, Teresa
Maibach, Edward

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This is the second of two reports about American adolescents and climate change. In the first report, we described teens’ knowledge, attitudes, and sources of climate change information. In this report, we analyze their responses to one important source of this information –the NASA website The NASA website is one of the primary sources provided by the federal government to inform the public on the issue of climate change. In this report we assess how adolescents feel about the website, how it affects their climate change knowledge and attitudes, and whether some adolescents are more responsive to the website than others, based on their age, gender and interest in science.



Climate change, Science Communication


Roser-Renouf, C., Myers, T., & Maibach, E., (2020). American Adolescents’ Responses to NASA’s Climate Change Website. George Mason University. Available at: DOI: 10.13021/ya48-qt30