The Effect of Microfinance Liability Structure on the Political Capital of Post-Conflict Clients: Implications for Peacebuilding and Economic Development




Johnson, Samuel Wai

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This dissertation empirically examines and compares the effects of the two types of microfinance liability structures on the political capital of post-conflict microfinance clients. The two types of microfinance liability structures are joint liability lending and individual liability lending. Under joint liability, small groups of borrowers are responsible for the repayment of each other's loans, while under individual liability, the individual borrowers are liable for their loan repayment. Political capital refers to actions undertaken by an individual to produce a favorable political outcome, and for the purpose of this study, is measured as voting or registering to vote in an election, the use of violence as a legitimate means for political change, and contacting one’s legislative representative.



Peace studies, Economic development, Liability structure, Liberia, Peacebuilding, Political capital, Post-conflict microfinance