Across the Body




Sarkissian, Nelly Achkhen

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This thesis is a plateau for cinematic documentaries that illuminates the story of cultural religious tattooing ritual of the Armenians, neighboring in the Middle East and Eastern Europe; A camera-pan that exposes the present geo-political regional conflict between Lebanon and Israel to the young generation, who at the present is restricted due to their Armenian-Lebanese identity to have access to their past. It is a momentary meditation on border and identity conflicts that creates an obstruction for reconnecting to the memory of the path of their both Lebanese and Armenian Christian identity. I challenge in my thesis the representation process of reconstructing the memory, collectively, within the exhibition space in order to depict the realm of universal quest of existence. This metaphorical body language transcends this journey from literal to lateral experience of survival and peace. This thesis is the journey of becoming, recognition and introspection of life. Each breath is a crucifixion and a resurrection.



Jerusalem Pigrimage, Border conflict, Identity conflict, Lebanon, Tattoo, religious, Armenian deportation, Installation, video art, Journey documentation, Embroidery, Identity, remapping