The Relationships of Empowerment, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment among Filipino and American Registered Nurses Working in the U.S.A




Vacharakiat, Marayart

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The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the relationships between empowerment, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment among Filipino and American registered nurses (RNs) working in the United States. A descriptive-correlational design was used. The convenience sample of 176 participants of both Filipino and American RNs returned either online or paper and pencil surveys. Descriptive, correlational analyses, t-tests, and multiple regression tests were performed to answer the research questions. The study found correlations between structural empowerment, psychological empowerment, job satisfaction, affective and normative commitments among Filipino and American RNs (r ranged from .26 to .68, p<.05). No relationship was found between structural empowerment and continuance commitment in both RN groups. The two groups reported different scores in structural and psychological empowerment (M=3.85 (Filipino) vs. M=3.59 (American), p<.05; and M=4.37 (Filipino) vs. M=4.08 (American), p<.05, respectively). Filipino RNs showed higher values for both variables. Significant predictors for job satisfaction were structural empowerment among Filipino RNs, and structural and psychological empowerment among American RNs. Regarding affective and normative commitments, predictors for Filipino RNs were (1) structural empowerment , and (2) whether the RN worked in a critical care unit, R^2=.34 (for affective commitment), R^2=.24 (for normative commitment), and for American RNs only structural empowerment, R^2=.28 (for affective commitment) and R^2=.21 (for normative commitment). Overall, the study confirms the relationships between empowerment, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment among two RN groups. The study concludes that structural and psychological empowerment in the work environments appear to be significantly related to improved job satisfaction and commitment among RNs.



Empowerment, Organizational commitment, American nurses, Job satisfaction, Filipino nurses