Looking for Bobby




Wolfe, Kelly

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This thesis project is a narrative about the year after my 31-year-old nephew, Bobby, died in a car accident in March 2008. It begins on the day we’ve learned of the accident, with my sister, Linda, relaying to me the last conversation she had with her son, and builds toward a climactic scene where Linda, a chain-smoker, undergoes surgery to remove a lump in her breast. It’s a moment when my family is faced with the possibility we may lose two people in one year. The working title Looking for Bobby is a nod toward hide and go seek, a game we played as kids, and the odd habit I have of, even now, looking for him in crowds or cars when I’m sitting in traffic. My story will examine universal themes of grief, guilt, religion, mysticism and family dynamics.



Grief, Death, Siblings, Family, Journalism