Ripe for Contribution? The Falkands-Malvinas War and the Utility of Problems-Solving Workshops




Mitchell, Christopher

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School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution


“This Working Paper is a model of using an in-depth, hands-on account of a specific case to explore and expand a body of theories and to test the efficacy of specific practices. Among the questions Mitchell considers are when is the timing appropriate for a problem solving approach and advances our understanding of when a conflict is ‘ripe’ for involvement, if not final resolution. In addition, the paper asks how we should regard the issue of ‘success.’ In particular, he analyzes how asymmetries shape the prospects for resolution along a number of different dimensions, including asymmetry of advantage, asymmetry of readiness, and asymmetry of representation and access. Mitchell argues persuasively that while the Falklands-Malvinas workshops did not produce a lasting solution, they may be regarded as a success in a number of other ways.”