What Matters to Fans Ordering Concessions?: Determining the Importance and Utility of Menu Categories and Items



Heavren, Natalie

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Concessions are a key part of the game experience for sport fans. However, little research has examined consumers’ choice of concessions and particular menu items. By understanding consumers’ preferences for different types of concessions and the importance they place on each, sport venues can better meet the needs of their fans and enhance the overall game experience. This study aims to determine how concession choices contribute to the overall game experience. An online survey was distributed to a convenience sample of adults in the United States. Participants (n = 175) evaluated concession bundles for a choice-based conjoint analysis of concession attributes and preferences, and responded to measures of sport event attendance, concession purchase behaviors, and demographics. Relative importance of the attributes and part-worth utilities were calculated. Cluster analysis identified three fan segments based on concession preferences: traditional game food, specialty food items, healthy food options, diet specific options, vouchers, and traditional and healthy beverage options. Gender effects were explored via MANOVA; Women reported different preferences than men and placed more relative importance on the availability of foods for special diets than men did. This study is the beginning in understanding consumers’ concession choices. Overall, a high importance and preference existed across all groups for traditional game foods, but one segment also wants healthy foods, and one segment also wants foods that cater to special diets. Based on this, sport organizations should focus their concessions inventory and marketing on foods that appeal to each of the three market segments.



Consumer choice, Sport events, Game day experience, Concessions, Food and beverage, Sport venues