Changing the Narrative of Teacher Preparation: A Case Study of Faculty Methods at an Urban Teacher Residency




Beck, Jori S.

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Educational researchers have been calling for reform in teacher education since the 1980s. Two major recommendations they have put forward are to introduce a clinical model of teacher preparation and build relationships between school districts and colleges of education. Urban teacher residency (UTR) programs have been successfully using the clinical model of teacher preparation since the early 2000s, yet little is known about how, exactly, they use this model. A qualitative case study of faculty methods at one UTR program revealed the much-needed narrative behind these programs. The researcher investigated how faculty and staff members at one UTR prepare Residents for the classroom through interviewing, observation, document analysis, and member-checking in a qualitative case study. The analysis of these data revealed both an overview of the program, as well as four themes: social justice in teacher preparation for Lewistown, ongoing development of the LTR, lack of coherence within the LTR, and the role and potential of the residency model in teacher education.



Teacher education, Clinical teacher preparation, Social justice, Teacher education reform, Teacher preparation, Urban education, Urban teacher residency