Gender Issues, Structural and Cultural Violence (Malta)




Bastin, Bardia

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This work will hope to use hard data and cultural analysis to help demonstrate the difference with regards to the roles of men and women in Maltese society. A general explanation and overview of both the Maltese history and culture will be presented leading up to present day Malta and the current situation of the political and economic arenas. With all factors combined, this analysis will then be put through a lens of Johan Galtung's structural violence theory to determine whether or not women in Malta are indeed victims of structural violence. If this notion holds to be true then a formulation of suggestions and ideas will be provided in terms of helping to advance the Maltese society with regards to gender equality. An array of sources have been surveyed ranging from ones that discuss Malta from a cultural and historical perspective, the Global Gap Gender report is relied on heavily for current statistical information, and Galtung's writings from Violence, Peace, and Peace Research is often referenced and applied for grasping a thorough understanding of his structural violence theory.



Gender Issues, Cultural Violence, Malta, Structural Violence