Hamner, Christopher
Safley, Jim
Nguyen, Kim
Brett, Megan
Leon, Sharon
Fahringer, Alyssa Toby
Dauterive, Jessica
Brennan, Sheila A.
Albers, Ken
Ghajar, Lee Ann

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


Scripto is an open-source tool that permits registered users to view digital files and transcribe them with an easy-to-use toolbar, rendering that text searchable. The tool includes a versioning history and editorial controls to make public contributions more manageable, and supports the transcription of a wide range of file types (both images and documents). Scripto works by connecting a content management system and Media Wiki. The original version of Scripto, released in [year], had versions for Omeka (Classic), WordPress, and Drupal. Changes in the codebase for WordPress and Drupal deprecated those versions, but Scripto for Omeka Classic was maintained by the Omeka team. In 2017, development began on a version of Scripto for Omeka S. The Scripto website was initially built on WordPress, with blog post updates, links to the GitHub repositories for all three versions of Scripto, and documentation. As part of the 2017-2020 building of Scripto for Omeka S, the team refreshed the website to discuss only the functional Scripto versions (Omeka Classic and Omeka S) and the website was moved from a WordPress installation to a flat-file site designed by Kim Nguyen.


The WARC file must be opened using a program like The ZIP contains a static version of the website.


Digital history, Software, Omeka, Crowdsource