Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Corrections: An Integrated Approach

dc.contributor.advisorTaxman, Faye S.
dc.contributor.authorCurran, Meghan Elissa
dc.creatorCurran, Meghan Elissa
dc.description.abstractNearly 70 percent of the offender population has a problem with substance abuse. Treatment is an important component for those individuals who struggle with substance abuse, not only to help with their addiction but also to decrease future recidivism. Despite the promising nature of research on drug abuse treatment, many offenders are not able to obtain the appropriate treatment services. In addition to the concern over lack of relevant services, there are also barriers to implementing effective treatment programs that serve the needs of the offender population. Integrated services between correctional and public health treatment agencies are recommended to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the justice system while positively impacting offenders to achieve a break from the cycle of incarceration.
dc.format.extent138 pages
dc.rightsCopyright 2014 Meghan Elissa Curran
dc.titleSubstance Abuse Treatment Programs in Corrections: An Integrated Approach
dc.typeDissertation, Law and Society Mason University


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