The Transposition and Implementation of the EU Equality Directives in Malta



Stone, Ava Marie

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This thesis discusses the significance and impact of the EU Race Directive. The author examines the transposition and implementation of the EU Race Directive in Malta due to its shifting demographics and increasing diversity. In the process of researching and writing this thesis, the author conducted a literature search on scholarship focusing on the Race Directive and reviews research on the transposition of the EU Equality Framework and Race Directive in EU member states. The author uncovered a variety of factors that have affected the transposition process and implementation. Transposition studies have showed that a member states transposition process and implementation of the directive can be determined by its history. Examining the national context can also be used to develop an understanding of domestic legal culture, national identity and citizenship, all which determine how well the directive is implemented. The author argues that in the case of Malta, the aforementioned determinants for successful implementation can be found in the colonial history under British Rule.



Discrimination, EU Equality Directives, Colonization, Transposition, Workplace