Bridging the Cultural Divide: A Chronological Analysis of Female Genital Cutting in Selected Anglophone and Francophone Literature and Film




Hutt, Nicole L.

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This thesis discusses the impact that selected works of francophone and anglophone African texts have had on the awareness and perception of and the activism against female genital cutting (FGC). By beginning in the 1930s and continuing through 2007, the author discusses the literature and film chronologically by decade. These selected works of literature and film display the complex nature of the practice and of the activism needed for its eradication. In addition to the literature and film research, strategies for the abandonment of FGC were also researched. This thesis is intended for an audience who is interested in studying both fiction and non-fiction literature and film, which focus on FGC and the progress towards the abandonment of the practice around the world.



Female genital cutting, FGM, Excision, African women