Cinema Road



Dada, Olabajo O

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Bobo, the narrator and main character, lives with his younger sister (Titi) and grandmother in Sagamu, a town in southwest Nigeria. His mother is dead, his father is in political exile, and his hometown - under the threat of government assault - is run by a "vigilante" group headed by his uncle, Kokonsari and his boss, whom everyone calls MC Hammer. Bobo’s preoccupations at the beginning of the story are helping his father return home, and protecting his sister and grandmother in the unstable situation they live in. He thinks he is prepared to do anything to make those possible, but soon realizes, however, that not only would he have to make some major tradeoffs to help the people he loves, but that even his best efforts would fall short often. He is, after all, only eleven years old.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years. It will not be available until July 2031 at the earliest.


Cinema Road, Bobo, Kokonsari, MC Hammer