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Chaudhary, Asma

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This thesis serves as a literary catalogue, which documents the artistic process and critical insight into studio practice from the perspective of Asma Chaudhary, a Pakistani- American artist. It follows her journey through her academic studies in journalism, graphic design, sculpture, and into the completion of her Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition. Following a one-year hiatus from artmaking, the artist realized her true passion for hands-on creativity instead of the restriction of a cubicle environment. She made the executive decision to take on the persona of a homemaker but with a twist. This character would be able to balance multiple demands at once—nurturing her family, maintaining a distinguished career as a businesswoman, and justifying her appetite for the fine arts. In her work, she takes a potentially derogatory word such as homemaker and then redefines it as something else to celebrate the ideas of home. Throughout her research, the artist conducted several social experiments, questioned gender roles and identities, and sampled a variety of materials and techniques to create engaging artworks.



Homemaker, Chairs, Sculpture, Critical art practices, Furniture design, Domestication