She Fades



Christovich, Matthew P II

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This thesis is ultimately about my sister, Sarah. She passed away from a heroin overdose on July 2, 2011. Her death left a void in me that I have been trying to cope with ever since. I got the call from my mother that Sarah was gone the summer before I was about to begin my first semester in the MFA program. I wrote about Sarah a lot while enrolled in the MFA program. I was trying to make sense out of what had happened while trying to intensely hone my writing skills. Sarah was my conduit. I grieved in this program. This collection of stories manifests my grief over the loss of Sarah. Every story relates to her, both directly and obliquely. Some stories address her life head-on. Others simply deal with subjects that we both appreciated. These subjects brought us closer together before her addiction tore us apart.



Grief, Addiction, Running, Nature