The Night Watchman Returns




Loiaconi, Stephen T.

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This thesis contains the first sixteen chapters of a novel about retired urban vigilante Ted Walker and the nephew who unwisely chooses to follow in his footsteps. When a night of crime-fighting ends with his nephew in the hospital, Ted takes it upon himself to seek justice, an investigation that will force him to face the mistakes of his past and the consequences he still can't escape today. The story spans nearly 30 years of Ted Walker's life, revisiting the highs and the very, very deep lows of his career and following him into today's real-life superhero subculture. Along the way, he faces angry relatives, a former sidekick, an old nemesis and the new world of 21st century online media. It's a novel about family, responsibility, atonement and what happens to American heroes when we don't need them anymore.



Fiction, Novel, Crime, Superhero, Media