Finite Element Analysis of Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composite Electric Poles



Mohamadi, Sara

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This thesis presents finite element analyses of tapered FRP poles in ABAQUS and associated parametric studies in order to evaluate the effect of various properties on the overall static and dynamic response of the poles. These properties included geometric characteristics, fiber orientation, taper ratio, number of layers, lamina thickness and location of the transverse load. Three different general-purpose finite elements based on thick shell theory were investigated to determine their suitability for modeling FRP poles. Trends observed from the parametric studies on the static and dynamic analysis of the FRP poles were enumerated. A shock spectra analysis was presented for idealized impulsive loadings that may occur due to wind gusts or loss of cable tension supported by the FRP poles.



Fiber-reinforced polymers, FRP electric poles, Shock spectrum, Finite element analysis, Shell elements