MIAMI: A Graphical Interface Web-Tool for Integrated miRNA-mRNA Interaction Analyses in Drosophila melanogaster




Patel, Jaimin

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This thesis describes the design and implementation of a web-based tool – MIAMI (miRNA and mRNA integrated analysis) – that enables integrative analysis of target predictions, miRNA and gene expression data. MIAMI is divided into two parts: the query section and the analysis section. The query section allows the user to retrieve and browse updated miRNA-mRNA pairs predicted using a number of different computational algorithms such as PITA, miRanda and Target Scan as well as Boolean combinations of these algorithms. The analysis section comprises a multi-step procedure for (i) performing various statistical analyses of mRNA and miRNA expression data; (ii) visualization of networks of the highest confidence miRNA and mRNA interactions and; (iii) retrieval of gene, miRNA and disease-specific information available in several public databases via scientific literature text-mining.



MiRNA-mRNA, Drosophilia melanogaster, Graphical Interface Web Tool, MIAMI, Target prediction algorithms, Network Visualization