An Autonomic Framework for Integrating Security and Quality of Service Support in Databases




Alomari, Firas

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The back-end databases of multi-tiered applications are a major data security concern for enterprises. The abundance of these systems and the emergence of new and different threats require multiple and overlapping security mechanisms. Therefore, providing multiple and diverse database intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) is a critical component of the defense-in-depth strategy for DB information systems. At the same time, an e-business application is expected to process requests with a certain service quality to maintain current customers and attract new ones. It would then be advantageous to use the combination of IDPSs that best meets the security and QoS concerns of the system stakeholders for each workload intensity level. Due to the dynamic variability of the workload intensity, it is not feasible for human beings to continuously reconfigure the system. It is therefore important that current systems be built with adaptive capabilities that can --at run time-- dynamically respond to changes in it is surroundings.



Information technology, Computer science, Adaptation, Autonomic, Database, Intrusion Detection, Performance, Security