An Investigation of the Effect of Self-Limiting Behaviors and Self-Confidence on Men and Women’s Athletic Leadership Aspirations



Flowers, Caroline

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The underrepresentation of women in athletic leadership positions has been researched extensively. The focus of these investigations, however, tends to be on external factors such as discrimination, stereotypes, and societal gender roles. This study expands knowledge of women in athletic leadership positions by exploring the effect of self-efficacy and self-confidence on their leadership aspirations. A mixed methods convergent parallel design was used to collect data from assistant and associate athletic directors of NCAA Division I schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The survey consisted of items related to self-confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership perceptions. Results of this study will help contribute to knowledge about social psychological factors that result in an inequality of women in sport leadership positions.



Confidence, Women, Self-limiting, Leadership, Underrepresentation, Athletics