Child Soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army: Factors in the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Process




Muth, Rachel L.

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This thesis describes the rehabilitation and reintegration process for children who served as child soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. It examines the rehabilitation and reintegration process, arguing that a more clearly gendered approach should be in place because the current process does not adequately deal with the range of psychological effects or the particular kinds of traumas that the girls experience. Even though rehabilitation programs describe their programs as individualistic where girls’ needs are addressed, there are many reasons why different rehabilitation and reintegration protocols should be in place for handling the differences for girls. This thesis examines the background of the conflict, modes of abduction and coercion into the LRA, the roles of the children in the LRA, and the ways they leave the rebel forces. This thesis serves as a reference and resource for individuals interested in the conflict in Northern Uganda and the complex rehabilitation and reintegration processes that follow.



Uganda, Child, Soldiers, Reintegration, Rehabilitation, LRA