Anime and Japanese Uniqueness: The Cultural Authenticity of Japanese Animation



Crump, David Tyler

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This thesis focuses on the conception of Japanese animation or “anime” as a specifically Japanese cultural product, rather than one produced as the result of global influences. While anime is produced similarly to films and TV shows produced outside of Japan and has overseas influences in its design, it is seen as culturally distinctive as evidenced in particular animation techniques, story themes, and socio-historical contexts. Analysis of relevant literature focuses on the history of anime followed by an analysis of anime as a cultural export. Targeted cultural industry research is included to illustrate global production systems and to demonstrate the expressive potential of cultural products. A short qualitative survey distributed to several anime clubs and organizations is included as a means to get an “insiders” view from anime fans on the question of whether anime is viewed by its audience as purely Japanese.



Cultural product, Anime, Cool Japan, Japanese popular culture, Japan, Cultural authenticity