Event Planner Perceptions of a College Football Stadium as an Event and Meeting Venue: A Qualitative Study of Site Selection Attributes




Parrish, Charles

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Sport organizations, including intercollegiate athletic departments, seek to capitalize on a variety of revenue streams to offset expenses and generate income. Sports facility lease agreements are one of many sources of revenue available to universities and their athletic programs. Supplemental income generated from hosting special events, such as social, celebratory and corporate events, can help mitigate rising program costs and reduce an athletic department's overall dependence on institution and government allocated funds. This qualitative case study explores the perceptions prospective event and meeting planners have of a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I college football stadium. Findings provide athletic administrators insights on how these venues are perceived by prospective customers as potential event and meeting venues. The study should serve as a resource for the development or improvement of marketing, operational, and infrastructural management strategies aimed at generating supplemental income through stadium lease agreements.



Sports management, Higher education administration, Event and meeting management, Intercollegiate athletics, Site selection, Sport stadiums