A Physiological Exploration and Pedagogical Integration of Voice and Brass Tuba Physical Methods to Enhance Tone Timbre or "Play Like You Sing"




Porter, William

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This dissertation details a physiological exploration of voice and brass tuba physical methods in order to suggest a synthesized and integrated tuba training pedagogy, which may enhance tone timbre. Voice and brass tuba pedagogical methods were analyzed for similarities and differences in their approach to seven specific Vocal Physical Training Elements (VPTE): 1) posture, 2) breathing, 3) pharynx and airway openness, 4) tongue shape and movement, 5) jaw placement and movement, 6) lip aperture shape and movement, and 7) tone and timbre production (includes volume and sound quality). Further, experimental research involving student participants was conducted to determine possible implications of an integrated pedagogical approach on tuba performance. Results from this study suggest that tuba playing techniques may benefit from a synthesized voice-and-tuba pedagogical approach with regard to the training of these physical elements.



Music education, Music, Breathing, Jaw Placement and Movement, Lip Aperture Shape and Movement, Pharynx and Airway Openness, Posture, Tongue Shape and Movement