A Critique of Afghan Women’s Role in National Reconciliation Processes




Dellawar, Shukria

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This thesis critiques the role of women in the national reconciliation process in Afghanistan, and identifies the challenges in attempts to increase women’s inclusion and the potential implications of having women serve mainly in symbolic roles. The analysis presented reveals key issues that continue to keep the national reconciliation dialogue male dominated. I further lay out key stakeholder grievances and root causes for ongoing violence towards women. This thesis explores the subject through two conflict resolution field theories, namely peace-building and gender empowerment, to compare and contrast the role of women in the peace process. By examining these approaches, the thesis sheds light on the reasons why women remain marginalized in the national dialogue of peace in Afghanistan. The continued lack of women participating in the peace process could damage the intended goal of bringing a peaceful end to the Afghan conflict. I also explore some ways in which the process may be more authentic instead of politically expedient.



Gender-mainstreaming, Peace, Afghan women, Reconciliation