Comparative Analysis of Database Spatial Technologies (CADST)



Deprizio, Jodi

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Spatial databases are increasingly utilized in, and are a major component of, any Geographic Information System (GIS). There are diverse types of SDBMS available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult to know which one is best suited for a given task. In addition, there is a lack of peer-reviewed literature on this subject specific to using GIS vector datasets that would help guide users into making the proper database choice. The following is a comprehensive comparison of spatial database management systems (SDBMS) for filling the gaps mentioned above. In this thesis five database technologies were analyzed and compared to determine which was more effective for use when storing and querying spatial vector data. Metrics for comparison were ingest performance, storage size, query performance, accuracy, system usability, and complexity. The databases analyzed were MySQL, MongoDB, MarkLogic, Neo4j, and PostgreSQL (with PostGIS). Each database had significant differences in data ingestion time, storage size, system usability, and complexity as well as substantial variations in query execution times.



Database, Geospatial, Relational, No SQL, Vector data, Spatial