Newspaper Column: The Kain Mutiny




Nicoson, William J.

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For poor George Kain it’s been out of the frying pan, into the fire, as his commitment to community service moved him from Treasurer of Reston Association to President of Reston Citizens Association. At RA Kain reported monthly to the Board of Directors on such matters as investment of RA reserve funds. On his watch, the Chief Financial Officer on the RA staff steered funds into highrisk debt obligations in violation of RA’s investment policy but, in monthly reports prepared for Kain to deliver to the Board, portrayed these investments falsely as consistent with RA policy. At one point Kain volunteered to perform an internal audit which would surely have exposed the CFO’s fraud, but a majority of the Board, including then-President Cynthia Warger, voted against the audit as constituting “micro-management”. Almost a year later, the fraud was exposed by outside auditors, causing a furor in the community and the firing of the CFO.


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Kain, George, Reston (VA) Citizens Association (RCA)