Paper: "Foundations of Thought," 1993




Warfield, John

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In this piece, Warfield outlines what he believes to be the development of human thought. Beginning with ancient Greeks he traces the developments in the language of logic including the theory of relations, the recognition of the critical role of transitivity of relationships in logical inference, the use of the computer to provide organizational and representational capacity to information processing, and the incorporation of knowledge of human psychology in the design and conduct of processes of generating, organizing and interpreting information. Throughout the paper, Warfield highlights thinkers such as Aristotle and Charles Sanders Peirce who have significantly contributed to the development of thought. John N. Warfield Collection 50.22.


Manuscript: typescript with handwritten notes (red ink), symbols, figures, and tables. 36 pgs. 8.5" x 11" (21.6 cm x 29.7 cm)


Warfield, John N., Peirce, Charles Sanders, Groupthink, Clanthink, The Magical Number Three, Law of Triadic Compatibility, Leibniz, Gottfried, Hilbert, David, Boole, George, De Morgan, Augustus, Peirce Guidance System, Underconceptualization