Assessing The Impact Of Lean/Integrated Project Delivery System on Final Project Success




Hassan, Mohamed E.

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This research focuses on an in-depth analysis and investigation of lean construction, specifically the impact of Lean/IPD on project success. It also investigates the influence of owner's choice of project delivery system on final project results. It further examines the pattern of Project Success Factors(PSFs) and their impact on productivity, by developing a methodology for a new construction rating system. This methodology was applied to a data collected of real construction projects and used to create the Lean Project Rating System (LPRS). The research has accomplished three goals: First, it has identified 12 Project Success Factors and each of their impact on project success which can help in assisting construction stakeholders in improving productivity and induce Lean/IPD practice. Second, it has suggested methods to help eliminate chronic construction problems during all project phases: Conceptual, Design, and Construction phases and ultimately unify total project success. Third, it created a new tool "Lean Project Rating System (LPRS)" to rate projects in all phases of construction alerting stakeholders on success results and aiding in taking corrective measures t improve final project success.



Civil engineering, Construction Rating System, Lean Construction, Lean/IPD, Productivity, Project Success Factors, Rating System