Policy Brief to the Minister of Finance of Liberia Mme Antoinette Sayeh: What Should Liberia Do to Improve Its Economy and the Well-Being of Its Citizens?




Pyrtel, Mikael M.
Sandifer, Kirsten E.
Namabiro, Ann D.

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This policy brief is the result of Professor Todd La Porte issuing a challenge to students as part of an introductory course in the International Commerce and Policy (ICP) program at the George Mason University School of Public Policy. The assignment was to recommend ways in which the country of Liberia, having recently emerged from years of civil war and dictatorship, can strengthen the economy and improve the well-being of its citizens. We accepted the challenge and began researching Liberian history and the current political, economic, and social challenges that Liberia is working to overcome, and some of the development efforts currently underway with multi-lateral institutions. This policy brief begins with an executive summary and makes recommendations for economic growth and improved social well-being by addressing several areas, including fiscal policy, agriculture and rural development, and education.


From Volume 1 (2007) of New Voices in Public Policy