Echoes in the Forge


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On a future Earth ravaged by the fall of civilization, the descendants of the survivors are forced to scrape out a living amid a century-long ice age. Five years have passed since disgraced general Khess Lindhorne and her small group of loyal ex-soldiers fled from the walled city of Greyhaven and took up residence at an abandoned outpost in the uninhabited and brutal Northern Wilds. Just when she thought she was safe from her former king’s bounty hunters, a mysterious stranger arrives to pass on a message from the city she once defended: a revolution is brewing but doomed to be snuffed out in its infancy without a unifying leader. Seeing an opportunity to atone for her failures, Khess accepts an offer to be that leader—and run straight into what might be her own death. In Greyhaven, Duchess Estrid Ahmedani works from within the king’s inner circle to nurture rebellion against a cruel tyrant. Knowing that success rests on Khess’s return, she navigates a dangerous court determined to hold onto power by any means necessary. Meanwhile, in the unknown reaches of the north, a world-spanning threat awakens from a long slumber to fulfill a vengeful promise.