A Constraint-Based Model for 3D Spatial-Temporal Data Management




Li, Jing

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Describing structures of geospatial objects as models is essential for understanding geographic processes. Efforts to develop such models started from decades ago but a model for 3D spatial-temporal (3D space plus 1D time) objects has not been well formulated. This dissertation describes the formalization of a spatial-temporal data model for managing 3D spatial-temporal objects. This model extends the spatial-temporal Object-Oriented model by incorporating a behavioral description to the definition of the spatial-temporal objects to better characterize the dynamics of these objects. Besides, spatial-temporal rules and conditions, which are expressed as constraints, are integrated as important components of the model. These rules and conditions serve as the foundations of maintaining data integrity and enabling complex spatial-temporal queries. A set of constraints related to the spatial-temporal characteristics of 3D spatial-temporal objects were identified and defined. The conceptual model served as the theoretical basis towards the building of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for managing 3D spatial-temporal objects. Based on the conceptual model, a prototype system was developed that provides interactive data management and query functions for 3D spatial-temporal objects. A subset of spatialtemporal constraints identified in the conceptual model were captured and formalized through extended 3D computational geometry algorithms to ensure data integrity and facilitate spatial-temporal queries. Using the dynamic repartitioning of airspace sectors as a case study, this research shows that the proposed framework is effective to solve problems involving 3D spatial-temporal objects.



Spatial-temporal, Constraint, 3D, Data model, GIS