Geovisualisation Mashup Tool to Provide Better Situation Awareness for Earthquakes




Dias, Shawn Bosco

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Important information pertaining to earthquake and its response is spread all over the Internet. In the event of a disaster like an earthquake, rapid access to information is critical. The public usually has a hard time retrieving and combining information from various sources spread all across the Internet thus preventing them from making quick decisions. Most of the current earthquake mashups do not provide relevant information like location of first responders and routing to important facilities like hospitals, emergency operation centers, police stations and fire stations which could save important time and lives. To address the challenges, I developed an Earthquake Information Mashup Tool which demonstrates a mashup approach to provide a web visualization tool that provides real-time monitoring of earthquakes and traffic conditions, the location of important facilities and routing to them, and the ability for users to depict a description of the situation around them. Users are thus able to integrate information from various near real time sources and get better situation awareness of the environment around them and are able to make important decisions. The Earthquake Information Mashup tool demonstrates an effective means to achieve situation awareness and a routing tool to important facilities in the vicinity of the user.



Geovisualization, Routing, Earthquake, Web GIS