A Qualitative Comparison of NCAA Coach Intended and Athlete Perception of Motivational Behavior



Blank, Megan

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This research study evaluated coaching behavior at the NCAA Division I mid-major level. It used phenomenology to describe coaches' experiences as they motivated athletes, and athletes' experiences as they interpreted their coaches' motivational behavior. Four coaches and eight athletes participated in this study from team sports in the Mid-Atlantic region. The research evaluated real, lived experiences to better comprehend how coaches can use their behavior to develop intrinsic motivation among their athletes, improve performance, and help their athletes maintain a healthy balance between their academic, athletic, and personal lives. Results indicated coaches' and athletes' perceptions were similar in areas of positive feedback and recognition, relatedness and connectedness, and instruction. Their perceptions varied concerning negative feedback and indicated there may be strategies for coaches to administer more effective feedback to their athletes.



Coaching behavior, NCAA athlete perceptions, Motivational behavior, NCAA athlete motivation, Perceptions of motivation