Data Analysis for Fraud Detection in Finance




Almutairi, Raghad
Godavarthi, Abhishek
Reddy Kotha, Arthi

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Credit card use is not always the best way to use for payments, but the most demonstrable payment mode is through the credit card for both offline as well as for online payments, which can result in deficit of funds. As the online shopping is booming it helps in rendering the cashless payment modes. It can be used at shopping's, paying rent, paying utilities bill, internet bill, travel and transportation, entertainment, food. Using for all these things there is a chance of fraud transactions for a credit card, hence there is more risk. There are many types of fraudulent detections most of the banks and institutions are preferring fraud detection has become very hard to find out the fraud detections, After the transaction is done there is a chance of detecting fraudulent transactions in the manual business processing system. In real time the bunco transactions are done with real transactions, but it seems not to be sufficient for detecting . Machine learning and data science both are playing a very important role in identifying the fraud detections. This study uses data science and machine learning for detecting the fraud detection to demonstrate various modellings. The problem enables the transactions of the previously done transaction data.



Banking Services, Fraud detection, Credit Cards