Chinese-Indonesian Religious-Institutional Protectionism in Post-1998 Society



Mahuna, Joshua M

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Chinese-Indonesian communities are experiencing identity crises from socio-normative anti-Chinese sentiment and discrimination. Since the conclusion of the Suharto administration, Chinese-Indonesian populations are publicly victimized for the degradation of the state—labeled as ‘suspicious’ ‘foreign orientals’—and have experienced devastating violence. Basing this sentiment and discrimination on centuries of compounded social, colonial, and nationalistic perceptions, Chinese-Indonesians experience structural violence that continues to impede their observation of cultural-religious affinities and security in lieu of Indonesian societal-exceptionalism. In response to this environment, Chinese-Indonesian communities have erected communal security apparatuses founded within religious institutions in attempt to solidify the components of Chinese-Indonesian-ness to mitigate continued violence. This thesis analyzes these apparatuses to identity the dilemma and status of Chinese-Indonesian cultural identity.



Chinese-Indonesian, Religion, Tionghoa, Communitarianism, Security